Professional Grade

Grumbacher Finest Watercolor

Grumbacher’s Finest watercolors are professional quality paint in a large 14 ml size tube. With a high pigment load and many single pigment colors, Finest watercolors mix to nearly any color one can imagine. Even consistency and fluid washes allow artists to create mood and atmosphere with ease. Paints layer beautifully, creating transparent windows of light and wonder. Professional watercolor characteristics such as undertones, granulating colors, true cadmiums and cobalts, and varying opacities due to genuine pigments are all hallmarks of this premium line of watercolor.

What Artists Are Saying


Have been wanting to try Grumbacher for some time & am very pleased that I did. I enjoy the creamy consistency & it lays down beautifully. I will love to start adding some other colors to my collection of watercolors. Excellent product.




Good rich color. I have used it before when suggested by my watercolor teacher...when I lived in SC. I have just started back doing watercolors during the pandemic and they are out of my comfort zone, but found it challenging and enjoyable. These paints make it so much easier.




I love Grumbacher for a number of paint types. Even their Academy line works well for me. I used WC tube paint when in college 40 some years ago and this WC paint seems to be as good now as then. I have other tubes of Grumbacher Finest as well as Academy and I love the action of both. For the price the Academy line is a great value in my opinion and worthy of professional attention when on a budget with good lightfastness in almost all colors, but the Finest has great lightfastness qualities and for me is right up there in quality with some other "prestiged" brands that give you 7 mls for the price of a 14 ml GF. These tube paints when dry are very easily reconstituted with as much vibrancy coming from being dry as they are coming from the tube. I will be adding to my collection.




I am a watercolor artist and have used Grumbacher Finest Artists' Watercolors for all of my paintings. Some of my work is twenty years old and is still as vibrant as the day I painted it. A lot of my work hangs in commercial buildings and there is no loss of color to any of the paintings.


Montgomery, AL


Grumbacher is a very high quality watercolor paint that is perhaps under appreciated by many of today's artists. I find several of the colors in this line to be superior to those in every other brand I've tried. Plus, the paint is easy to work with. An excellent American-made product that I cannot recommend more highly!

DJ the Painter