Weber Permalba

Permalba Oil is comprised of Titanium and other pigments and prepared in a process that was developed after extensive laboratory testing and is AP nontoxic. This acid and alkali-free formulation has a smooth buttery consistency that dries to an elastic-like film and will not yellow with age. Original Permalba® White boasts superior opacity and coverage and still remains the standard in artists' white oil paint today.
​Companion to Permalba Original White, Permalba® Black is specially formulated to withstand oil separation and has a silky texture that works easily with a brush or painting knife. It contains both organic and inorganic blacks with other pigments and has a rich, intense color that when tinted with white yields lush undertones. Like Permalba® White, pigments are blended with safflower and refined linseed oils that will minimize yellowing while promoting film flexibility. Permalba® Black has a Lightfast 1 rating allowing for superior color retention, and a smooth, creamy consistency that makes it ideal for mixing. Plus this is simply the best single coverage black artist oil color in the world!

Permalba® Black Oil 150 ml.Permalba® White Oil 150 ml.Permalba® Black Oil 37 mlPermalba® Oil Cadmium Red LightPermalba® Oil Cadmium Red Med.

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What Artists Are Saying


Very dependable paint, I have used it for decades. I use this product in my painting. It has all the qualities that I look for in white paint: good opacity, good fluidity, and good body.

El Greco

New Orleans, LA


I've been using Permalba White since 1997. Permalba White has a wonderful buttery consistency which mixes well with other colors.


Kalamazoo, MI


Permalba adds a rich silky texture to oil paints and helps maintain the brush strokes along with enhanced color to your art work. Definitely something to buy and try and I highly recommend as a first time buyer.




It hides well if used for over painting. It mixes well. I'ts easy to use. It dries relatively fast.




My go-to white, it's not opaque and cloudy like titanium and provides more coverage than zinc white.


Villa Rica, Georgia