Grumbacher Pre-tested

We make Pre-tested in small batches and test each color for consistency and quality before it goes out to our customers. While technology has made advancements in manufacturing, we continue to “Pre-test” our paints -- a practice that was founded by Max Grumbacher. We have chemists dedicated to reviewing our formulas and ingredients on an ongoing basis. We are constantly looking at ways we can improve the use of single pigments, obtain ingredients that meet the health and safety standards of our industry and artists, and explore new colors that will be useful to oil painters.

We test other oil paints in the market, not just our own. We aim to make our paints as good, if not better than other oil colors available to artists. This means vibrant color, excellent mixability, professional level lightfastness, and high standards in the feel of our paint.

Grumbacher Pre-tested Professional Oil Color

Copal Painting Medium 2.5 oz.Cobalt Drier, 2.5 oz.Matvar 53 Matte Varnish 8 fl. oz.Japan Drier 2.5 oz.Copal Painting Medium, 8 oz.

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What Artists Are Saying


Almost all my oils are this brand. My teacher sold them in her shop, and I've had no reason to change, and I've sampled a few other brands. They are American made, that's one reason….but if I wasn't pleased with the quality, I wouldn't buy them. I have many brands of art supplies, but my oils will be Grumbacher. They have other supplies that I haven't tried yet, but I plan to.


Pineland, TX


Grumbacher makes awesome products and these Pre-tested Oil paints are one of their best. These are my preferred paints to use. I've been using them for many years. They are offered in a wide variety of colors, including many colors that still remain true/pure pigments; instead of hues, which some competitors have chosen over pure pigments. Grumbacher paints offer a high pigment load that delivers rich, smooth color that is easy to apply and manipulate and holds true to their characteristics well.




Grumbacher’s Cerulean is probably the best bang for your buck. The color is rich, and buttery. Just smooths on canvas like icing or butter. Love to paint with Grumbacher!!




Over 20 years ago my mentor said to me, don't cut corners on the quality of your mediums, think where your oil paintings will be and how they will hold up in 300 years from now, since then I use only Grumbacher Pre-Tested oil paint.


Fort White, FL


Es el color que estaba necesitando. Buena calidad y buen precio. Sugiero que mejoren el embalaje del tubo para evitar que sea aplastado durante el viaje. Estas pinturas con de muy buena calidad artística. El pigmento es bastante concentrado y es suave al pincelar. Ideal para usar sin ningún disolvente. Seguramente seguiré comprando esta marca. Gracias por hacer estas pinturas para nosotros los artistas.