Painting Mediums

Mediums affect the way your paint behaves. Are you looking to make your oils more fat or lean? Do you want to slow your acrylic's dry time? How about prepping your surface or cleaning your tools? We've got you covered. Explore our mediums, grounds, varnishes, cleaners and fixatives.

Oil Media

We have a wide range of mediums that affect how your oils behave whether you are looking to work fat or lean. Our cleaners will help you safely wrap up your studio session, while our array of varnishes will help you protect your work after your paintings are thoroughly dry. Learn more by exploring our mediums selection.

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Acrylic Media

Our acrylic gesso comes in clear or white and is the perfect ground for canvases whether you are working with oils or acrylics. We also have acrylic mediums that help adjust dry time, sheen, texture, and viscosity. Explore the full range of acrylic media including the Pour44 pouring medium that uses fine art quality ingredients!

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Watercolor Media

We have a wide range of masking media options that will help make your watercolors pop!

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Fixatives are an essential studio product for any medium that creates fine particles such as pastels, charcoal, and graphite.

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