Children's, Beginner, and Intermediate Grades

Watercolor Pan Sets

Our watercolor pan range covers a range of grades from children to intermediate. Pelikan brand watercolors are excellent quality products for young artists, while the Grumbacher branded sets are great for beginners and intermediate artists. Koh-I-Noor's Color Wheel is an incredible set of intermediate grade watercolors that twist in and out of disks for easy travel. Explore our collection of quailty paints!

What Artists Are Saying


I am returning to traditional media from digital. I chose these pan sets as this is what I used BD (before digital) and I remembered how smooth, flowing, and responsive they were. My memory did not let me down. I wld buy again.


East Liberty, OH


This paint set is a very good one. The colors are bright and clear, very transparent, and they go on the paper very smoothly. I am just beginning to explore the possibilities of watercolor and I am having a lot of fun with frustration at all. When they dry, the color remains vivid, and the washes they produce are to die for.




This was my beginning set and still my favorite for my watercolor journaling.

It's My Journey



The colors are very rich and show up well in both a wash and with denser application.

Today's Painting

Menomonie, WI


These paints work very well. The nice selection of colors are highly pigmented and last a long time. Each color can be popped out for easy cleaning of the surrounding areas. I would buy these again.


Riverside, CA