Casein Paint

Pelikan Plaka

Plaka is a casein paint, which is derived from milk proteins. It’s an all-purpose paint that dries quickly (within 12 to 24 hours) to a smooth, velvety matte surface that is extremely opaque, similar to gouache in appearance but will not re-wet. It adheres well to virtually any light or dark surface, including paper, wood, cardboard, leather, pottery, plaster, glass, plastic, and stone. Plaka is ideal for commercial art and window displays as well as transparencies, posters, interior and exterior decorations, crafts, and model-making. It is fade-proof and waterproof; however, paintings intended to be long-lasting should be coated with an air-dry lacquer. Stir Plaka before using. It may be diluted with water.

Pelikan Plaka

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What Artists Are Saying


I write/paint Byzantine icons and need to put fine lines on the pure gold leaf. Plaza makes what can be a frustrating experience into a joy. It breaks the surface tension and easily adheres to the gold to create the all important inscriptions that top the practice of icon writing.

Jon B

Portland, OR


Excellent covering color for décor and crafts. Do a frame, paint on leather, what ever you like.

La Germanides

Pasadena, CA


I use this product as a substitute for egg tempra in the Mische technique.

Awolowa, Montreal