1.5mm Lago Blue Pastel Marker
2mm Lago Blue Pastel Marker
4mm Lago Blue Pastel Marker
Acrylic Twin Lago Blue Pastel Marker
15mm Lago Blue Pastel Marker
1.5mm Ceramic Light Pastel Marker
2mm Ceramic Light Pastel Marker
4mm Ceramic Light Pastel Marker
Acrylic Twin Ceramic Light Pastel Marker
15mm Ceramic Light Pastel Marker
1.5mm Shock Blue Middle Marker
2mm Shock Blue Middle Marker
4mm Shock Blue Middle Marker
Acrylic Twin Shock Blue Middle Marker
4-8mm Shock Blue Middle Marker
15mm Shock Blue Middle Marker
2mm Shock Blue Marker
4mm Shock Blue Marker
Acrylic Twin Shock Blue Marker
1.5mm True Blue Marker
2mm True Blue Marker
4mm True Blue Marker
Acrylic Twin True Blue Marker
15mm True Blue Marker
1.5mm Petrol Marker
2mm Petrol Marker
4mm Petrol Marker
Acrylic Twin Petrol Marker
1.5mm Lagoon Blue Marker
2mm Lagoon Blue Marker
4mm Lagoon Blue Marker
Acrylic Twin Lagoon Blue Marker

Molotow® ONE4ALL™ Pump Marker - Blue Color Family

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Molotow® ONE4ALL™ Pump markers use an acrylic-based hybrid ink/paint. All colors are highly-opaque, permanent, have good UV resistance, and work on most surfaces indoors and out. The pump action activates the patented capillary system and FLOWMASTER™ valve, which ensures consistent ink flow without starving or over saturating the nib. Nibs are exchangeable and replaceable and the marker is refillable at a minimum of 50 times. Marker ink uses artist quality pigments that are non-toxic and are quick drying. For increased transparency, marker ink may be diluted with water or acetone (1-3%). Cross over nibs are available in the 1.5mm size and feature a hard plastic point for fine line rendering.

Shake marker well before use. To activate, position marker nib down on a clean surface and pump the marker until you see ink flow into the nib. Empty markers and ink refills are available to mix custom colors.

Made in Germany. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Non-toxic.

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