24 Piece (with Charcoal & Chalk)
 in a Tin
Gioconda Artist Set,

Koh-I-Noor® Gioconda Graphite & Charcoal Artist Set, 24 pc

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Koh-I-Noor® Gioconda Graphite & Charcoal Artist Set, 24 pc

A complete set of professional graphite and charcoal drawing tools is at your fingertips with this 24 piece drawing set housed in a tin carrying case. The graphite pencils and blocks offer a wide range of tonal value to create realistic effects, while the charcoal and sanguine blocks and pencils are excellent on both white and colored papers to create works in the old masters' style.

Set includes:

3 Graphite Blocks (2B,4 B & 6B)
Pure Hardtmuth® leads provide the widest coverage in the Koh-I-Noor graphite range. Solid graphite drawing instruments come in 1/4" x 3" blocks. Our blocks can be shaped with a sanding block. The shavings can be used for smudging, providing the artist with a range of tonal values.

2 Charcoal Blocks (Degrees 1 & 2)
These 1/4" x 3" blocks are excellent for making quick sketches and for creating broad, exrpressive strokes.  Each degree offers a different hardness so a range of depth can be acheived. Like the graphite and sepia blocks, charcoal blocks can be sharpened with a sanding block and are naturally water-soluble.

3 Sepia Blocks (Russet, Light Brown, Dark Brown)
Similar tones to our Gioconda Chalk Pencils, the russet, light brown, and dark brown shades are richly pigmented sticks with an opacity that makes them perfect for work on darker substates. These 1/4" x 3" blocks are firmer than their pencil counter parts and can be shaped with a sanding block. The shavings can be used to blend and adust tonal values.

3 Gioconda Chalk Pencils (Russet, Light Brown, Dark Brown)
Our Artists' Drawing Pencils feature a range of sepia tones, blacks, white and charcoal pigmented instruments, and produce high-quality chalk renderings. Artwork created with soft pastel & artists' drawing pencils is extremely fragile and often requires a finishing fixative to prevent the unwanted spread of the fine pigment particles. However, chalk and pastel paintings truly stand the test of time because they are made with a higher concentration of pure pigments than many other media, and thus maintain their brilliant quality.

3 Gioconda Graphite Aquarell Pencils (2B, 4B, 6B)
These pencils have a silky smooth laydown and create a rich range of values when used dry. The lead has the added benefit of being water-soluble, and drawings take on watercolor-like effects when a wash is applied with a brush. Pencils can also be dipped in water to create a super smooth, dense line.

3 Gioconda Silky Black Pencils Pencils (Degrees 1, 2, & 3)
These pencils can best be described as somewhere between the deepest graphite pencil tone and a black colored pencil. They are firmer than a charcoal pencil but not as waxy as a colored pencil.  Three degress of black offer you a wide range of options for shading and detail work and are compatible with the other materials in this drawing set.

2 Gioconda Charcoal Pencils (Degrees 1 & 2)
Medium and hard degrees of compressed charcoal are encased in California cedar, which is considered the best wood for pencils due to the fact they don't warp and are a renewable resource. The charcoal leads are perfectly centered in the casing and are glued throughout so that they can be sharpened with a standard pencil sharpener without breaking. Dense, black color is precise for drawing and cross hatching and can be blended with a stump or kneaded eraser.

1 Kneaded Eraser
This eraser becomes soft when pushed and pulled like putty and can be shaped to a fine point to pick up graphite pigment from the paper. A clean kneaded eraser can lightly erase areas to create highlights. A kneaded eraser coated with graphite is useful for smudging and blending. To clean this type of eraser, simply knead it.

1 Shading Stump
Made from molded paper pulp, this tool is a firm stick with a velvety texture used to blend and smudge graphite. It can be cleaned with a sanding block, or by rubbing it across a clean piece of paper.

All contents are AP Non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236

Made in the Czech Republic

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