MAXU+00AE Water Mixable Oil Zinc White 37 ml.
MAXU+00AE Water Mixable Oil Titanium White 37 ml.
MAXU+00AE Water Mixable Oil Titanium White 150 ml.

MAX® Water Mixable Oil White Color Family

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A clean, slow drying white ideal for alla prima painting. It’s less opaque than Titanium White, which makes it an attractive alternative for mixing tints when subtle shifts are desired. Its transparency also makes it ideal for glazing, and scumbling. Zinc White has a tendency to yellow slightly over time when used straight from the tube, but does not do so in mixes.
Pigments: PW4
Lightfast Rating: I Excellent
MAX® Water Mixable Oil
Zinc White
37 ml. SKU - M248 Size - 37 ml. (1.25 fl. oz.) MAX Water Mixable Oils is a line that helped pioneered the modern medium as it is known today. As one of the first water mixable oil lines to ever be developed, it has evolved into a professional line of 59 bautiful colors. The advanced engineering of this modern medium renders colors that are solvent free and can be thinned and cleaned with water, while maintaining the chroma, workability and lightfastness of traditional oil color. MAX oils employ the same finely ground pigments and superior quality linseed oil as our renown Pre-tested paints, and dry at a comparable rate. Moreover, MAX colors will retain water miscible properties when intermixed with traditional oil colors or oil painting mediums, as long as the artists uses at least 70% Max color and no more than 30% of regular oil colors or mediums. This paint formula eliminates the use of harsh solvents and is ideal for those sensitive to chemical fumes, as well as those looking for a more enviromentally friendly way to practice in an oil medium. Proudly made in the USA.

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